1. beben-eleben:

    Alex McLean, a licensed pilot and photographer, took these gorgeous photos “just by sticking his camera out the window”.

    (via photographsonthebrain)

  3. brownphotograph:

    4 x 5

    A 4x5 peel-apart shot from last year. Shot on a Wista SP with 150mm lens on the deleted, but still available Fuji fp100c45.

    The camera was previously owned by Jonathan Hillhouse.

  6. Hot Mascot
  7. tokyo-camera-style:


    It’s her very own Fujifilm Instax Mini 8


  8. New site


    New website up… bookmark and all that…


    Keeping my tumblr account so I can still browse and get inspired. :)

    Look here!

  9. Dog. Car.

  10. tokyo-camera-style:

    Contax G2 and Leica MP size comparison at a cafe in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

    via: Tokyo Camera Style on Instagram

  11. tokyo-camera-style:

    Seen: Make It Death / め・き・で 

    Who: Dan Epthorp / tumblr

    Where: Totem Pole Photo Gallery, Shinjuku

    When: July 15 - 20 / 12:00 - 7pm

    Go see this Kantoites.