1. 3D Gif Photographers | Luke David

    Luke David AKA Spacecatcher has hacked his Nishika for long exposures and light painting.

    (via spacecatcher)

  2. 3D Gif Photographers | Hiroshi Yoshinaga

    A Japanese 3D gif photographer shooting with lots of different 3D cameras.

    He shoots some great concert stuff.  I’m sure I’ll run in to him one day on the streets of Tokyo.

  3. 3D Gif Photographers | 510 3D

    He takes some amazing skate and concert 3D photos.

    (via 5103d)

  4. 3D Gif Photographers | Teknari

    Teknari is a New York artist who shoots 3D on film.  He makes his own film too!

    There is some nudity involved.  Which is great.

  5. 3D Gif Photographers | Trevor Crump

    Trevor Crump / trevorc3d is from Seattle and shoots a lot of musicians and concerts.

    (Source: hardlyartrecords, via trevorc3d)

  6. 3D Gif Photographers | Jaime Martinez

    Jaime Martinez hails from Mexico.

    He has some 3D shots of M.I.A.

  7. 3D Gif Photographers | Bob Weisz

    Bob Weisz AKA Four Realz shoots with a Nimslo and is one of the more prolific 3D gif shooters on tumblr.

    He shoots a lot of parties and dogs.

  8. 3D Gif Photographers | Joseph Hayes

    He goes by The Illusion of Depth on Tumblr.  That’s what these photos are all about.


  10. 3D Gif Photographers

    I’m going to start sharing some of the other 3D gif photographers I follow on tumblr.

  11. I got a new toy yesterday.  The workflow is a pain and some of the gifs don’t work on tumblr but it’s like it’s massaging your eyes.